September 2006 meeting minutes

Wed 20 September 2006 by Joe

Date and Time: 09-09-2006 10.30-11.30

Speaker: R. Subramani, Final year CSE student, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.

Topic: GNU Binutils

Tools discussed:

  • gas - Introduction to GNU assembler was taken. A small example with basic operations, assembler directives were taken with an example.

  • nm, objdump, strings were explained with an object file.

  • ld - Introduction to GNU linker and the usage of linker scripts were discussed.

  • gprof - How we can use GNU profiler to determine which parts of a program are taking most of the execution time was discussed with an example.

  • nlmconv, objcopy and the format of ELF were also discussed.

The meeting ended with the discussion about FStival'06.


1) GNU Binary Utilities 2) Documentation for binutils 2.17