January 2004 meeting minutes

Sat 24 January 2004 by Joe

**Date and Time: 24-01-2004, 15:00 - 16:00

Venue: Z0 Lecture Hall, CSE Department, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai - 625015

Minutes of the meeting:

The meeting started as per schedule at 15.00 hrs. Joe Steeve introduced the speaker Mr. Suresh, Founder of ILUG-Madurai to the audience. The speaker had come all the way from Bangalore for the meeting.

The speaker Mr.Suresh started by giving a brief introduction about GNU, the need for User Groups, and their importance. The speaker outlined how he had started a simple YahooGroup in the year 2001 and how it had become the official ILUG chapter of Madurai. The speaker mentioned the need for regular meetings. The speaker also proposed to meeting school children and giving them basic knowledge on GNU/Linux. The speaker also called for a good response from the members on the mailing list.

It was decided in the meeting to conduct regular meetings. The meetings shall comprise of Technical seminars, demos and general troubleshooting discussions.

Once the speaker had wound up with his talk, the members posted some questions to the group. After a debate over the policies and answers, the meeting was concluded at 15.45 hrs.

-- MOM contributed by Joe Steeve