February 2005 meeting minutes

Sat 19 February 2005 by Joe

Speakers: S.Senthil Kumaran (stylesen@gmail.com), Mr. Amalan Joe Steeve

Date and Time: 19/02/2005 10.30 - 11.30

Topic: Microkernel development basics

Minutes of the meeting:

The meeting was on Microkernel Development Basics. The topics which were covered are paging, booting process, GDT, bochs emulator and how-tos. There were many guyz from KLN, TCE, NITT, also there was a member of glug-madurai who is working in southern railways. During the questions session guys asked about enabling the A-20 pin.

Continuing a basic explanation given by me, Mr. Amalan Joe Steeve gave an insight about this address pin. And there were many questions on GDT,segmentation and Multiboot kernel (about the standard).

After the session the movie "The Code" was screened. The Code is about the evolution of the Linux operating system and the Free Software Foundation. The movie was interesting and went on for an hour.

Minutes contributed by: S.Senthil Kumaran (stylesen@gmail.com)