April 2006 meeting minutes

Sat 08 April 2006 by Joe

Topic: Basics of Python

Speakers: Venkatapathy, Sai Krishna, 2nd year CSE students, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.

Date and time: 08-04-2006 10.30-11.30

Minutes of the meeting:

The meeting started sharply at 10:30am in TCE with M.Sai Krishna and M.Venkatapathy discussing about the basics of python. There was a discussion about the latest news in the FOSS community after that session. The topics discussed in today's meeting are

  • A brief comparison and reasoning about the flexibility & robustness of Python over other programming languages.
  • Python Interpreter
  • Variables Declaration and Manipulation
  • The various basic built-in functions available in python for numerals.
  • String manipulations in Python .
  • An in-sight into control flow in python.
  • High level datastructures in Python and built-in functions to manipulate them.
  • Using builtin python Modules in programs.
  • Discussion about latest news in FOSS community.