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The GNU/Linux User Group(GLUG) of Madurai is a community of GNU/Linux users and promoters of Free and Open Source Software.

This group was founded in January 2001 and was formerly called "The Madurai LUG". This group has people from all walks of life., academicians, students, industrialists, hobbyists, proffesionals, etc.. The GLUG meets every month in the Thiagarajar College of Engineering campus. All discussions are on the mailing list.

Software Freedom Day - Sep 6, 2014

GLUG-Madurai and GLUGOT celebrate Software Freedom Day on 06-09-2014 as FStival'14.

List of demo stalls.

All are invited. Entry is free (as in free beer).

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Meeting updates

Date : 09th August 2014
Time : 10:30 am
Venue : Seminar Hall, Department of CSE, TCE.
Speaker : Senthil Kumaran (stylesen)
Member Apache Software Foundation &
LAVA Engineer, Linaro
Topic : Run your computers within VirtualBox